Siwa and the Other Cairo

| February 21 – 29, 2024

Embark on an extraordinary journey to uncover the hidden oasis of Siwa in Egypt’s expansive western desert, and delve into a unique facet of Cairo. Begin with an optional pre-trip, spending a couple of days exploring Fayoum and the charming village of Tunis, renowned for its pottery workshops and oasis. As you make your way to Siwa, enjoy an overnight stay on the North Coast along the Mediterranean, breaking up the journey with a refreshing pause.

Siwa, a captivating and secluded destination, offers unparalleled beauty and tranquility. Immerse yourself in leisurely activities, from soothing dips in natural hot sulphuric water wells to indulging in a unique swimming experience in crystal-clear salt ponds. Explore the rich local Amazigh culture and relish nights beneath the open Sahara sky illuminated by a full moon. The adventure continues to Cairo for three days, unveiling an alternative dimension of the city often overlooked by standard tours, providing a comprehensive glimpse into multiple eras of this vibrant city’s history.

 Join us for an immersive exploration of Egypt’s rich tapestry, where history comes alive through engaging workshops and expert insights with Charles El Hayek, the renowned public historian and founder of “Heritage and Roots.” Enrich your experience with three enlightening lecture-workshops, spanning Egypt’s history from ancient times to the cultural renaissance of the 19/20th centuries.

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Detailed Itinerary

Optional Day 1 (Fayoum)
Checkin at the hotel in the village of Tunis. Relax at the hotel and explore the streets and famous pottery workshops in Tunis. Dinner at the hotel.
Optional Day 2 (Fayoum)
Explore the city of Fayoum with its water wheels, then the surrounding oasis and nature reserve of Wadi Rayyan, before having a sunset tea break in the dunes overlooking the oasis. Return to the hotel and free dinner.
Day 1
Feb 21
Those in Fayoum will check out and move towards the hotel in Almaza Bay on the North Coast (5 hours drive). Optional stop for lunch at the beautiful Alamein Hotel in Marassi, and enjoy the beautiful beach in the afternoon. Dinner at the hotel.

Main group arrival in Cairo and transfer to the hotel in Almaza bay. Depending on times of arrival, optional stop for lunch at Alamein Hotel in Marassi. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2
Feb 22
Checkout and departure towards Siwa (3 hours drive). Arrival in Siwa and checkin at the Taziri Ecovillage. Lunch at the hotel.
Workshop 1 with Charles Al-Hayek: Um al-Dunya: Unveiling Ancient Egypt.
Visit the old town of Shali, followed by sunset at Fetnas Island. Dinner at Kunooz Shali Lodge.
Day 3
Feb 23
Guided visits of Gabal El Mawta, the Temple of the Oracle and Cleopatra’s Bath.
Lunch, then proceed to the Salt Lakes for an exceptional swimming experience.
Special outdoor dinner event.
Day 4
Feb 24
Free morning for some exploration and shopping of local Siwa handicrafts (mainly carpets, textiles, and local food and salt products).
Lunch at Taziri, before proceeding to the desert to explore the goldenl dunes of the vast Sahara desert, including dips in the therapeutic hot sulfuric wells, sunset tea time, and a dinner barbecue under the stars.
Day 5
Feb 25
Early departure to the luxury Regal Heights hotel in the new Alamein City. Free lunch and dinner.
Day 6
Feb 26
Departure to Cairo (4 hours drive). Checkin at Mariott Hotel in Zamalek. Free Lunch. After some rest, proceed to Islamic Cairo. Dinner at Riad Boutique Hotel and
Workshop 2 with Charles Al-Hayek: Khatuns, Mamluks, and Sultans: Exploring Islamic Cairo.
Night walk along Al-Muizz street toward Khan Al Khalili.
Day 7
Feb 27
The other Islamic Cairo: Sultan Hassan and Al-RIfai Mosques, Darb El Ahmar, Bab Zoweila, El Khayameya, and lunch at Al Azhar Park. Dinner reservations at New Cairo (Tagamo3).
Day 8
Feb 28
Late 19th Century and Modern Cairo: Abdeen Palace Museum and/or Mohamed Ali Palace, Museum of Um Kulthoom.
Workshop 3 with Charles Al-Hayek: Hanems, Effendis, and The Voice: Unraveling Arab Modernity.
Lunch at Khufu by the pyramids, followed by a visit to the new Grand Egyptian Museum.
A Zar music performance at Makan, before dinner reservations at Crimson or similar.
Day 9
Feb 29

Price Options

The price per person for this trip is:

$3350 in double occupancy 

$4070 in single occupancy

For the optional 2 days in Fayoum:

$750 in double occupancy

$960 in single occupancy

Price Includes:

In Fayoum:

  • Transfer from Cairo to Fayoum
  • Accommodation at the luxury boutique hotel Lazib Inn (Bed and Breakfast)
  • Tour of Fayoum and surrounding areas with tea break on the dunes
  • Transfer from Fayoum to the North Coast

Main Trip:

  • All transfers
  • Jay Almaza Bay Hotel (North Coast) (Half Board Dinner)
  • Taziry Ecovillage in Siwa (Bed and Breakfast)
  • Regal Heights Hotel (Alamein City) (Bed and Breakfast)
  • Mariott Hotel Zamalek in Cairo (Bed and Breakfast)
  • All lunches in Siwa
  • 1 outdoor dinner event in Siwa
  • 1 desert barbecue dinner in Siwa
  • All guided excursions and private tours
  • 1 lunch in Azhar Park in Cairo
  • Entrance fees and guided tour of the Grand Egyptian Museum (partially open)
  • Music performance at Makan
  • Special workshops/ lectures with Charles Al-Hayek

Price does not include:

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Any meals not specifically mentioned above
  • Personal Expenses
  • Tips

Payment and Terms

Trip Status: This trip is open for reservations. 

Group Size: Minimum 10   Maximum 14  Guests

Payment Options

All guests:

1- Cash payment in USD, or

2- Bank transfers to a bank outside Lebanon (please enquire about bank details)


1- To confirm your spot, a down payment of 50% is requested. Balance is due on Feb 1.
2- Trip will be cancelled if the minimum group size is not reached by Jan 15. All down payments will be returned.
3- Cancellation by guest on or before January 15: 10% penalty.
4- Cancellation by guest on or before January 31: 50% penalty.
5- Cancellation by guest on or before February 10: 75% penalty.
5- Cancellation by guest after February 10: 100% penalty.

Every effort will be made to minimize the above penalties and find replacement guests.