How Do You Find the Goat?

Every year, we propose a number of special journeys to unique destinations around the world – journeys driven by curiosity and passion for the good life and for living unique experiences. Sometimes they are destinations that we go to for the first time, and sometimes they are places we have been to before and want to visit again. But every time, these journeys are very well researched, starting from where to stay to what to do, where and what to eat, and what unique experiences to try, often privately. Even the built-in free time is designed to allow our guests to not feel trapped in a program; the overall feel is of traveling with friends where you can trust one of them to take care of all the logistics and make the best recommendations, while allowing you the freedom to follow your mood and preference at any time during the trip.

Redefining Luxury Our trips are considered luxury and upscale- but we don’t define luxury as only staying in high end regular hotels or always eating in starred restaurants. Of course we like to do those things- but what about staying in a glass igloo, a tree top room or cave hotel? Or eating in a small shop around the corner that’s frequented by locals, or organizing a private barbeque under the stars on the silky sand dunes? Our trips are just the right mix of culture, urban, nature, adventure, entertainment, shopping, spirituality, food, and local immersive experiences. And always implemented with an eye to comfort, privacy, and flexibility. Our curious minded guests are travelers who enjoy creature comforts, but do not want to see a place only from behind the window of a tour bus. We will explore the inner streets of a city, take a dog-sled across arctic wonderland, or join a private meditation session in a temple in Kyoto, knowing a gourmet meal and great glass of wine with our new friends awaits at the end of the day.

Our Guests OurTrips are never more than 14 guests, and on average around 10. This allows us to maximize flexibility and the planning of private activities, and allows each travel group to develop a bond, and for each guest to get to know new friends while sharing amazing moments. Guests come alone, with a friend, or as a group, and even the most seasoned of travelers always leaves with exceptional memories and new connections.

Flights Please note that since our guests join us from different parts of the world, we do not arrange international flights. We specify the start and end cities and dates, and ask that you make your own flight reservations. We will meet you at the airport on arrival and drop you off at the airport on departure. But we do usually recommend which flights to book, the ones that would work best with the start and end times of the trip.

Stay Informed To be informed of trips, please check the website, join our Facebook page, follow our Instagram, or signup to the mailing list.

Want To Find Your Goat Privately?

If you are interested in designing your own private trip to any of the destinations we go to or any other destination at your own time, you can still get in touch to have a custom-designed and researched trip. We will charge trip research and design fees, which will be deducted from the cost of the trip.