Discovering the Silk Road

Uzbekistan September 2023

Over the course of 12 days in Uzbekistan, we explored the ancient Silk Road and discovered the celebrated cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. It was a trip to another time and place, as if we had landed in an Aladdin movie. We admired the exquisite patterns of Islamic art found on gateways, mosques, palaces, and madrasas. We wondered the streets of these ancient cities, surrounded by spectacular architecture and vibrant bazaars full of carpets, suzanis, silk, spices, and handicrafts. We heard about the mighty Tamerlane, hero to some and destroyer to others,  and of his exploits and contributions. And with Charles Al-Hayek (Heritage and Roots), we learned about how it all affected the rest of the world and in particular our parts. Overall, a magical journey that is for sure worth repeating.

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