The Workshop: Living Life to the Fullest

Using the Points of You coaching tools, the three-day workshop will dig into the following themes and explore ways to improve the quality of life in the context of on an increasingly complex world:

– Dealing with stress

– Building resilience in times of uncertainty

– Finding happiness in the small things

The benefits of attending the Living Life to the Fullest workshop are:

-Understanding why you feel stress, learning how to handle stress better, and coming up with an action plan on how to eliminate stress from your lives.

– Developing your resilience in times of uncertainty, in order to overcome challenges more effectively and move forward in life with confidence.

-Exploring how you can achieve more true happiness in  everyday life.


Points of You (POY) are innovative tools used in training and coaching workshops for professional but also for personal development. POY phototherapy-based tools use the powerful language of today’s world, the language of photos. Using these tools, we can create meaningful communication in various settings, gain insights and have a real impact on people’s lives.

Τhe most well-known of the tools is The Coaching Game, which are cards with pictures and words that are based on phototherapy and were created after many years of research.  These pictures go directly in the left side of the brain and allow participants to realize important insights/information about themselves, their work, life, or even find solutions to problems, in fun and interesting workshop.

POY work is based on the belief that everything around us has countless points of view.  People, objects. Experiences, places-everything-countless points of view.  When we do not understand someone or something, it is probably because our perspective is too limited for us to see. When we cannot see, we cannot decide. We cannot communicate, we feel stuck. We find it hard to take the next step.

In POY we hope to inspire people to search for new points of view; to look deep inside and all around. This movement is our viewpoint. It is a quest, a search, a dance. It keeps us awake, interested, interesting. It is a stimulating exploration that sharpens our senses and opens up new possibilities.

Sophia Klotsa

Sophia Klotsa is a Counseling Psychologist as well as a Life & Business Coach specializing in Personal and Business Development.  She has 3 Masters, M.S. in Counseling and Family Therapy, LaVerne University, California, M.S. in Communications and M.B.A. in Leadership, Boston University, USA. She is a Certified Be Your Best/Communications, Parent and Teacher  Effectiveness Trainer (BYB/CET, PET, TET), Certified Myers-Briggs Type Index (MBTI) Personality & Career Orientation and Development Counselor, Certified Coach in “The Science of Happiness & Well-being”, Yale University, and Expert Trainer, Level 3 της Points of You (POY).  She has participated in many Life Coaching & NLP seminars in Greece and abroad.

She is the writer of the best-seller book “The Decision to be Happy: How to Achieve Anything you want in your Life”, Kastaniotis Publications, that is being currently translated in English and will also become very soon an audiobook as well.

She has published many psychology & life coaching articles in well-known magazines and sites such as SHAPE, VITA, VOGUE, Ladylike, Lipstick, Woman Symbol, 4moms, Letsfamily, themamagers, VOGUE, Loveyourself/Κathimerini, The Notebbok, and COSMO.

Sophia Klotsa runs workshops and retreats both in Greece and abroad, such as “Secrets of Effective Relationships”, “How to set and achieve your yearly Goals”, “Happiness is found in the little things”, and “The Power of Gratitude” that took place in Athens. She run the workshop “Leading with Purpose” for Nike’s headquarters in Amsterdam, “The MBTI Personality Analysis” workshop for Deloitte company that took place in Crete,  and The “Happiness Workshop” and the “Find your Life Purpose” workshop with Find your Goat that took place in Jordan and Lapland respectively.  She is now preparing the workshop “How to Reach your Potential” that will take place in Santorini island.

She has collaborated with many companies, agencies and media groups in Greece and abroad such as NIKE, Deloitte, Danone, World Profile Group (WPG), Valuecom, Media24, Cocomat etc. as well as schools and foundations, such as The American College of Greece (Κolegio Athinon), Kosteas Geitonas School (KGS), Play & Learn Nursery School, the Foundation Foka-Kosmetatou, the Ecali Club etc.  Her seminars are on the topics of personal awareness, professional development, effective communication techniques, self-awareness, success and happiness.