The Colors of Japan

A Country Like No Other!

The trip to Japan was during one of the best times of the year to go: the fall season, when the golden, yellow, and orange colors of the foliage explode to create spectacular landscapes.

Surrounded by these amazing colors, we explored many layers of Japan: from the rich history and strong cultural traditions to the modern super hi-tec, from zen spirituality to the kawaii “culture of cuteness” and otaku anime and manga culture, and from the refined art of tea ceremonies and geishas to the pop art of Yayoi Kusamaโ€ฆ we got a taste of it all punctuated with gorgeous landscapes and street and gourmet food.

But never enough of this amazing country! Japan will be one of the first destinations we will go back to, whether in the fall again or in the cherry blossoms season.

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