Finding Aurora!

A bucket list experience

This was our first return to the Arctic after due years due to COVID, and it did not disappoint! We were treated to Aurora on two nights, including on the first night where we got to see it from inside the comfort of our warm glass igloos…tick that off the bucket list!

This location is 250 km above the Arctic Circle in a magical winter wonderland setting, and is one of the most northern locations where one can have an adventure like this in total comfort. Northern Lights aside, the reindeer and husky rides are always a unique experience. But nothing gets the adrenaline rush pumping like sitting in a hot smoke sauna, then rushing out to the minus 25 degrees for a dip in the ice pool. No-one wanted to do it, and everyone did it! :))

This trip to Lapland will always be one of our iconic trips. But on next year’s trip we will make it slightly longer. We want to take more time to discover Helsinki, a city worth spending more than just a half-day in, and we also want to spend an extra days in Lapland, in another location, just to enjoy the beauty of the area.

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